421 – The Power of a Senior Center Members’ Council: From Marketing to Membership!

In this presentation we will be looking at the importance of your senior center’s members’ council and their role in in supporting center activities and the recruitment and retainment of new members. Learning Outcomes: – Identify potential members as candidates for council.

405 – Program Evaluation – Obtaining the Information You Really Want to Know: Part II

Every year, park and recreation agencies provide hundreds of thousands of programs, events, and services. Some programs address specific goals/outcomes, whereas other events or services focus on enjoyable experiences. How do we know that our intended outcome is achieved? Many agencies use

407 – Marketing Best Practices for Non Marketers: Bridging the Gap Between Marketing and Recreation (the Sequel)

This 2019 session was very well received, with many wanting a next-level continuation. Therefore, we are picking up where it left off. Our marketing departments continue to grow with constant changes in technology and social media and overall branding and sponsorship needs.

408 – Natural Benefits: What Nature Centers Can Do to Boost Your Programming!

Looking for a way to expend boundless energy while helping your program’s registrants and campers improve social skills and cooperation techniques and provide opportunities for the popular skill of self-inquiry? Let the IPRA Nature Committee introduce you to the tools, resources, and

411 – Why Early Childhood Literacy is Necessary for Our Preschoolers Upon Entering Kindergarten to Be Prepared and Confident in Order to Succeed Later in Life

In this presentation, through personal experiences and statistics, we will emphasize the importance and effects parks and recreation can offer preschool students for their future learning process once they enter kindergarten or first grade. One of many startling statistics is that two-thirds