204 – Comprehensive Planning and Community Engagement in a Post-Pandemic Context

A comprehensive master plan can assist park and recreation agencies with planning for capital improvements but a careful balance must be maintained between satisfying the interests of the public while being mindful of the budget. Learn about best practices for developing attainable

205 – Natural Areas Management: Enriching Life Through Improving Our Environment

As our built environment consumes more of our lives, learn how to be a champion for increasing bio-diversity and improving the world in which we live. Created native areas provide passive recreation opportunities as well as environmental benefits. Learning Outcomes: Participants will

138 – Designing Inclusive Play & Fitness Spaces for Communities, Health and Well-Being

In this session we will discuss trends in active outdoor play & adult fitness installations. We will share research that informs successful design of equipment and park layouts, case studies of successful play and fitness spaces that use Universal Design Principles for