118 – Are You Allowed to Do That? What Local Government Leadership Must Know About Ethics Requirements

This session will provide elected officials, officers, and employees with critical information on the Gift Ban Act, prohibited political activities, conflicts of interest, official misconduct, and executive session confidentiality. Learning Outcomes: – Understand the ethical requirements of the Gift Ban Act and

113 – Boardmanship, Part I

This lively session provides commissioners with practical, real-world information to conduct safe, effective, lawful, and professional meetings. We will discuss specific, real-world public meeting issues, how rules were/were not applied, and what happened. Problems with public participation, Roberts Rules of Order, voting,

123 – The Culture Code: Creating Healthy Relationships Between Executive Directors and the Board of Commissioners

There is no more critical employee of the park district than the executive director. This session will explore the fundamentals of the relationship between the executive director position and statutory offices of the commissioners and offer recommendations for healthy and successful relationships

104 – Social Media and Electronic Communications for the Candidate and Elected Official

Electronic communications dominate our world, and many special rules exist that all candidates and elected officials must know. This session will explore the legal regulations and risks to candidates and elected officials in using social media. Once elected, the commissioner must understand