507 – Missing the Mark: The Recreational Needs of Veterans and How to Serve Those Who Served

How can park districts and special recreation agencies (SRAs) leverage resources to meet the recreational and creative arts needs of veterans in their communities? This session will provide inside knowledge from recreational professionals from the Department of Veteran Affairs who will equip

407 – Marketing Best Practices for Non Marketers: Bridging the Gap Between Marketing and Recreation (the Sequel)

This 2019 session was very well received, with many wanting a next-level continuation. Therefore, we are picking up where it left off. Our marketing departments continue to grow with constant changes in technology and social media and overall branding and sponsorship needs.

212 – Time to Change? Developing a Destination Splash Park Versus Renovating Your Municipal Pool

Many municipalities are faced with the sobering reality regarding the development and operational costs of renovating and maintaining multiple municipal pools. A current trend in the market for municipalities and park districts with multiple pools is to create a destination splash park.

307 – Current Trends in the Municipal Bond Market: How Illinois Park Districts Are Funding Capital Needs

This session presents an overview of the bond issuance process for Illinois park districts, including a discussion on borrowing alternatives and sale methods, recent trends in the interest-rate markets, recent trends in financing by Illinois park districts, and an update on potential