505 – Successful Veteran Programming: What It Takes to Plan, Market and Implement Programs to This Unique Culture

Working with the veteran population requires specific knowledge to create successful programming. Where do you gain this knowledge? Why is is necessary? What are the ins and outs for marketing to this population? What will build you agency as a trusted source

1006 – Exploring Intersections of Leisure Behaviors and Black Individuals/Families in Rural Illinois

It was not until the early 1960’s that researchers began exploring the leisure behavior of racial minority groups. Researchers have since established that the leisure patterns of minoritized groups differ from those of their White counterparts. While the literature has suggested multiple

416 – Re-Inventing Recreation Spaces and Programming in a Post-COVID World

Recreation activity patterns and trends are changing and evolving due to COVID‐19. Recreation providers are adapting and exploring new ways to re‐purpose existing parks and design new parks and linear open spaces that address safety concerns, increased demands, and changing use patterns.

112 – Protests and Park Districts: Preserving Civil Rights, Protecting Property, and Avoiding Liability

This program provides your agency with specific information on how to lawfully manage public demonstrations in your parks. We will discuss (i) how to identify and establish free speech areas in your parks, (ii) drafting a comprehensive permitting policy, (iii) dos and

16 – The Esports Experience: Determining the Best Esports Programs to Strengthen Communities, Plus Real-World Examples of In-Person and Virtual Esports Programs

Esports, or competitive video gaming, not only has grown to be an impressive billion-dollar industry, but is now also known as the “new social network” attracting multi-generational players and spectators alike. For parks and recreational professionals, this means Esports can have tremendous