508 – Creating Balance: Discovering New Ways to Improve Balance and Enhance Whole-Body Health Through Aligned Movement

Finding balance in all areas is an essential part of life – and that includes keeping physical balance. Unlike typical fall prevention programs that focus on balance exercises and removing rugs or fall hazards from the home, this session focuses on corrective

138 – Designing Inclusive Play & Fitness Spaces for Communities, Health and Well-Being

In this session we will discuss trends in active outdoor play & adult fitness installations. We will share research that informs successful design of equipment and park layouts, case studies of successful play and fitness spaces that use Universal Design Principles for

303 – Protecting Your Organization from 2021 Cybersecurity Threats and the Next Generation of Ransomware

This session will cover how ransomware is evolving and why organizations must take immediate steps to protect themselves from this threat. Implementing effective cybersecurity is not necessarily easy, but if you follow a roadmap, you can more effectively protect your organization and

1007 – A Call to Action: Addressing Historical and Ending Contemporary Racial Inequities Through Healing Cafes

As the country grapples with the overwhelming aspects of an international pandemic, people across our nation have taken to the streets and boardrooms to demand change around systemic racism and its devastating effects. In addition, the media is saturated with stories about