134 – Navigating Financial Crises with Forecasting Tools and Sound Financial Management Practices

The recent COVID-19 crisis drastically impacted the financial profile of park districts throughout the State of Illinois and highlighted the need for financial forecasting tools and sound financial management practices. This session will provide a financial forecasting model and detail the factors

117 – Emergency Written Policies Every Park District Should Have and the Action Steps Those Policies Should Contain

Learn how to improve your park district’s written emergency policies. Policies we will discuss include severe weather, bomb threat, domestic violence involving employees and the possible danger to the workplace, active shooter and active threat, flood and fire, building evacuation, and reunification

113 – Boardmanship, Part 1: Essential Board Practices and New Electronic and Social Media Considerations

Learn the fundamentals of being on an elected board and the latest developments in social media, virtual meetings, and electronic communication for commissioners. This session will cover Open Meetings Act and parliamentary essentials, typical board meeting practices, voting rules, and more, in

112 – Protests and Park Districts: Preserving Civil Rights, Protecting Property, and Avoiding Liability

This program provides your agency with specific information on how to lawfully manage public demonstrations in your parks. We will discuss (i) how to identify and establish free speech areas in your parks, (ii) drafting a comprehensive permitting policy, (iii) dos and

115 – Commissioner and Agency Ethics: Identifying and Avoiding Ethical Violations That Could Cost You Plenty

Today more than ever, elected officials and high-ranking public executives are under the microscope of public scrutiny. In a world where the public can record and publish events to the world as they occur, elected and appointed park, forest preserve and other