113 – Boardmanship, Part I

This lively session provides commissioners with practical, real-world information to conduct safe, effective, lawful, and professional meetings. We will discuss specific, real-world public meeting issues, how rules were/were not applied, and what happened. Problems with public participation, Roberts Rules of Order, voting,

117 – From Crowd Control to Errant Elected Officials – Best Practices for Public Meetings

This presentation will discuss the best practices for public meetings, including the requirements of the Illinois Open Meetings Act, the pitfalls of the use of electronic communications, what should be on the agenda, what can or should be discussed in a closed

123 – The Culture Code: Creating Healthy Relationships Between Executive Directors and the Board of Commissioners

There is no more critical employee of the park district than the executive director. This session will explore the fundamentals of the relationship between the executive director position and statutory offices of the commissioners and offer recommendations for healthy and successful relationships